006 | Creating a Complex Background

One of my favorite things in art is creating backgrounds. I don’t know why, but most times I enjoy it more than the subject(s). If you’ve been keeping up, you may remember one of the previous articles on creating a background. I used most, if not all, of the same techniques and tools that wereContinue reading “006 | Creating a Complex Background”

005 | Color Changing and Appaloosa

Depending on your stock, color changes are minimal or complex. For the end result, you’ll want to make sure your subject(s) blends with the background you’ve chosen. For color changes, I don’t always go in this order or use the same Adjustment Layers or techniques. As any artist will tell you, some things will varyContinue reading “005 | Color Changing and Appaloosa”

004 | Creating a Simple Background

Backgrounds can be as simple or as complex as you’d like. Most of the time, I will choose 2-3 images to create a background. It really all depends on the finished image you have in mind. For this column, I have uploaded a video showing the process used to make a simple background for Jello’sContinue reading “004 | Creating a Simple Background”