001 | Introduction

Welcome to the first column of The Art Corner! Since we are only just beginning, let me start by introducing myself.

I’m Coldwater Meadows and I have been a member of Horse Eden Eventing for nearly 10 years. Soon after joining, I started my journey into digital art with Gimp and a Wacom Tablet. My journey took me through linearts and grayscales to photo manipulation using Photoshop CS6. Through the years, I’ve learned many skills and new techniques to get where I am today. Art not only takes time to create, but also to create yourself as an artist.

In the upcoming columns, I hope to provide some insight into the world of creating art including visualizing your art piece, finding stock photos, tips and tricks using Photoshop CS6, various tutorials and walkthroughs, and, hopefully, share some artist interviews.

Through these columns, I hope you are able to find your inspiration and motivation to continue your own journey through the world of art. Remember to keep your head up and keep practicing. We are our own worst critics.

If you have any special requests you would like to see included in The Art Corner, please contact me through Horse Eden (#28845).

Until next time,
Coldwater Meadows


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