002 | Visualization

Getting inspired or motivated to create a work of art can be easy for some and a challenge for others. Being able to see your ideas on a completed work of art, before actually putting them together is a skill. One that requires practice along with the risk of the art not turning out the same way you planned it.

Say you’re given an idea for a commission. However detailed, I find these are generally the easiest to complete. You already know what stock to look for or what to create for your piece.

It can be more difficult if you’re given free reign over the commission. Personally, I will look for either a background, subject, or color scheme I’ve been craving to do or find a piece that I think will fit the subject.

Over time, you may have repeat clients and come to know what they like or dislike. One may prefer realism over fantasy, certain color schemes, overall themes, or certain traits they want the subject to have. Others may enjoy pure fantasy or outlandish themes. For me, commissions for repeat clients are the most fun and fulfilling. Not only am I able to be completely creative, but I am also able to incorporate a more personal touch to the art.

In the next column, visualization will be further explained with finding stock images and being able to provide credit to the stock providers.

If you have any special requests you would like to see included in The Art Corner, please contact me through Horse Eden (#28845).

Until next time,
Coldwater Meadows


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